Cutting Room Facility

Our Cutting room facility is equipped with the most advanced cutting machines offered on the market.
The cutting process in Fashion Supply LTD are fully automatic. We relaxed all our fabric automatically with relaxation machine which controls the tension of the unrolled the fabrics. In this case after 24 hours we have tension free fabric which are ready to be spread.
Our spreading machines are also automatic and the people are only operators in the process of spreading. With the automated spreading system we put the quality of the cutting on the highest level because each fabric roll is spread in the same way as the previous one. However, the heart of the cutting room is the automatic cutting machine which cuts the fabric patterns with the precision error of 0.05cm. This state of the art CNC cutting robot give us the chance to guarantee that there will not be a human error anymore in the cutting process. After cutting all cut parts are gently packed and send to the sewing department.